Early Years Learning Framework


Tralee Gardens  is more than just a child care centre, we are focused on helping your children learn. Each child is an individual and learns differently, and our educators are trained to help prepare your child for the challenges of school and later life.

Tralee Gardens  implements the EYLF. Children learn and explore through play. Their understanding of the world develops through communication, discovery, imagination and creation.

The EYLF vision is for all children to experience play based learning that is engaging and builds success for life. Children are provided stimulating learning environments based on their interests indoors and outdoors to engage them in meaningful play. Children learn about themselves and construct their own identity within the context of their families and communities.

EYLF is socially and intellectually engaging and personally meaningful to children. Educators follow the children’s lead and introduce new and exciting activities to sustain their interests and deepen their explorations. 

Transition to School

The program at Tralee Gardens Preschool aims to prepare children for the transition to school by developing their competence and confidence in the areas of motor development, social skills, independence skills, language skills and the ability to challenge bias.

We work closely with the local schools to ensure we provide the best program for your child.

Our program includes:

  • PALS Program (Play and Learn to Socialise)
  • Pre-Literacy experiences
  • Pre-Numeracy experiences
  • Excursion to the local primary school
  • Each year the centre provides an opportunity for parents to hear the principle of local school on the subject of school readiness.
  • Parent/teacher meetings offered
  • Transition to school reports
  • Printed information is available to all parents that cover school readiness skills or posted on Kinderloop 

Extra Curriculum Activities

  • TechknowKids (Computer classes)

TechKnowKids uses technology to teach a broad range of thinking, problem solving and social skills using an age appropriate software library in a fun dynamic weekly class. 

  • Zumba

An explosion of music, dance and energy that will keep your kids pumping. Zumba is a Latin inspired dance/exercise that is a great form of cardio! Kids won’t even realize that they are getting a good workout because Zumbatomic classes are always fun-filled with great group energy.

  • Multi Sports

This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of four key sports. Soccer, Basketball, Netball and Footy. Each modified sport will be rotated every week to maintain a keen interest in each activity

Other exciting experiences:

  • Regular incursions based on children’s interest
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Compost and worm farms
  • Chicken coop
  • Sustainability experiences
  • Multicultural music and dancing
  • ELLA Program (Preschool children learn a different language using the ELLA app)
  • Cooking experiences
  • Multicultural festivals celebration 
Child care centre for pre-school children

Family Involvement

Communication between family members and our Educators is crucial for a child to reach their full development. We aim to provide an environment with a strong emphasis on this communication to allow consistency and continuity between home and child care.

By encouraging family members to be involved in the service, we aim to provide a service that best meets the needs of our community. Parents are encouraged to provide suggestion/feedback on our policies, practices or program. You are encouraged to join in our program and share your special skills and talents with the children.

We use KINDERLOOP to share photos and other communications regarding your child with you confidentially, direct to your email address. More information about this application can be found on: http://kinderloop.com.  



Tralee Gardens provides healthy and nutritious meals for the children.

All children's dietary requirements for the day are provided by us and include:

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea

Tralee Gardens e caters for vegetarians and provides Halal meat. Please speak to one of our professional educators about your child's dietary requirements and/or allergies. The Centre will meet your child's dietary requirements.

Babies: If your child is on formula, we request parents to provide it as we provide full cream cow's milk.