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We offer a range of exciting experiences and programs to keep your child not only engaged and healthy but also learning new skills that can be applied during their time in school and in their further education.


Cooking can range from playdough to pizza! Using age-appropriate utensils and ingredients, our educators guide the children into being more independent through giving them opportunities to pour, stir, measure, and mix ingredients themselves. Cooking gives children unique ways to practice their social skills, like sharing and turn-taking.


Taking care of our environment is an important responsibility to learn from a young age. We pride ourselves in our mission to ensure our children have opportunities to learn the different ways to take care of the world around us. This is done through, for example, recycling and reusing items, feeding our chickens our meal scraps and taking care of our vegetable garden and worm farm.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation at our centre can give opportunities for children to practice their balancing, stretching, and listening skills. Educators use visual aids to assist with the movements, as well as guidance through modelling the movements. Meditations can also give children guidance to use their imagination in unique ways.

Sports Classes

With the extensive resources available in all rooms, educators encourage children in sporting activities through challenging, age-appropriate obstacles! Children are exposed to different sports, like soccer, tennis, and basketball. Social skills are practiced through turn-taking and encouraging other children when it's their turn. Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) differ every week and we use the FMS of the week to practice important physical skills, like catching, throwing and jumping.

Multicultural Dancing

As a multicultural community, we love to use different music from different cultures to use for dancing! We especially love to use props such as ribbons to extend this interest of dancing. We encourage families to suggest music that their children enjoy listening to at home, to be played at the centre.

LOTE: Languages other than English

Literacy and language development in Early Education is enhanced by experiences such as visual, linguistic, and cognitive strategies. We have a range of ways we implement literacy and language development in our program including, but not limited to, ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) App, multi-lingual good morning song, rhymes and counting in different languages and spontaneous language learning through conversations with bilingual educators.

Other exciting experiences

  • Regular incursions based on children’s interest
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Compost and worm farms
  • Chicken coop
  • Multicultural festivals and celebrations

What Our parents Have to say 

  • Tralee Gardens has always exceeded my expectations and I’m assured every day that I have made the right decision for my Son who is very shy and clingy who is attending the center just over a year now. Tralee Gardens Team are just awesome, they always give their best and have always been amazing. Thank you team!

    Karthikeyan’s Mum

    We were so nervous when it was time to find a daycare for our little one, but as soon as we stepped into Tralee Gardens, it just felt like it was a perfect fit. Rima and her lovely staff helped us ease Kabir into his new routine and assisted us in checking off all his early milestones. Tralee almost feels like a second home to Kabir now. Also, their response to the pandemic and the measures they put in place for everyone's safety is what provided us with much-needed assurance and confidence that we've chosen the right daycare

    Kabir's Parents

    Both my children have attended Tralee from babies, toddlers to preschool and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The passion and enthusiasm that the Tralee Carers/Educators show the children in their care is exceptional. As the saying goes ‘’it takes a village to raise a child’’ and I am very happy that Tralee has been a part of our village for a number of years and will continue to be for the next few.

    Max and Audrey’s Mum

  • My daughter is currently enrolled 5 days a week with tralee gardens and am very happy with the ongoing care they provide for her. The staff are very attentive to the children here. If i could give 10 stars i would without a doubt. My daughter is always happy to get dropped off here she is currently in the babies room. I want to say a BIG BIG thankyou to Rima and the team here. I Recommend this daycare to anyone who is looking for their children. Thank you


    Thank you to Rima and the staff at Tralee Gardens for doing such a great job looking after my baby (he loves the place). I would highly recommend this child care centre to all parents looking for a reputable and well established centre as your child will be in good hands!


    From the moment I entered Tralee Gardens, I knew it was the right place for my daughter! It is such a positive environment, filled with enthusiastic teachers! My daughter has learnt so much, improved vocabulary and built good social skills.

    Facility overall is clean and organized. They are wonderful about providing updates on my daughter's progress or day, and timely announcements. Thank you Rima and all teachers. Really appreciate all your efforts.


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